I'm a photographer based in Cork, Ireland focus on details, abstracts and seascapes/landscapes. I work in black and white in order to accentuate shapes and textures. This website has a selection of my work in several portfolios - see below for a description of each.


This is the first of a series of projects on discarded items washed up on the shore. Marine litter mostly consists of plastic which will take a very long time to degrade and is rather broken down by action of the sea into smaller and smaller pieces.

Dropped is a portfolio of images of condensation drops on the inside of such plastic. The cycle of heat and cold creates constant changes in their patterns with each pattern short lived. Unlike the plastic on which they are created.


A collection of detail images from the tideline, again focussing on texture and form. Some are temporary like sand and seaweed waiting for the next tide. Others are changing on a much longer timescale as the sea works on the rocks over time.


The variety of shapes and textures to be found in sand appears endless to me. Formed by water, wind and sun, the shapes are temporary sometimes lasting no more than minutes or hours and often reminiscent of plants in their structure.


The sea and the shore are in constant change and in continual battle. Once calm and then stormy, the many moods of the sea leave their track on the land.

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